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Sloth: 7 Deadly Sins Color

Sloth Seven Deadly Sins Divine Light Series Sloth Divine Light Series: Light blue is the color associated with sloth as it is a light and sleepy color that also represents daydreaming and laziness. Sloth is idleness and being intentionally lazy or unproductive.Individuals that choose to let their lives pass by without actively making an effort to establish and achieve worldly and spiritual goals.  …

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WRATH Seven Deadly Sins Divine Light Series Art

Wrath: Divine Light Series

WRATH Seven Deadly Sins Divine Light Series
Wrath Divine Light Series: The color red is closely linked with wrath as it is the embodiment of heat, fire, and fury, making it a dangerous color. Wrath is defined by uncontrollable anger and rage, which can invoke feelings of vengeance and it can often lead to violent outcomes such as injury and death. Vengerick Art

The original will be painted oil on canvas and have a massive length of 4 meters long by 2.5 meters high allowing the viewer to experience the vast divine power. …

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