How To Hide Money Legally, 5 Best Easy Ways

How To Hide Money Legally, 5 Best Easy Ways Want to keep the government's greasy hands off your hard earned assets? Here are some ways to legally hide your money from the government. For your personal assets, such as your home you can hide your ownership in a land trust; and your cars you can hide in title holding trusts.

Best Ways How To Hide Money Legally. 5 Best Easy Ways To Hide Money, From Spouse, Divorce, Governments and Banks.

Vengerick Art latest article, how to hide money is generating more interest than we could imagine. Therefore we must write this follow up post to help answer all the incoming questions.

Disclaimer: As always, Vengerick Art is NOT a lawyer, law office, or legal representation of any kind. This article is in NO way to be taken as legal advice. Please use this post for entertainment only. Thus you need to direct all legal questions to a lawyer you trust. Please feel free, ask questions. Vengerick Art we will answer from personal experience NOT from a legal position.

The first casualty when war comes is truth. 

– US Senator Hiram Warren Johnson

Hiding Money Does Not Make You A Drug Cartel or Terrorist

If you are asking yourself “what is the best way to hide my money legally”? Indeed this question does not mean you are planning to head a drug cartel, or make make you a terrorist. Moreover in todays volatile climate many people are asking this question everyday.

We will look at reasons why a person wants to hide funds but first, is hiding money even effective? Of course this depends on a lot of factors. Thus not an easy question to answer without more details. Maybe modifying the question can help. If we are to ask “what is the best way to protect my money and assets” this can present more opportunities. When you “hide money”, it means it can be found. But when you “protect money”even if a government or ex-spouse knows where the money is, they cant take it.

So in this post we will look at best way to hide money. While focusing on, how to protect your money as well.

How Best to Hide Money? Why Hide Money To Begin With?

In our experience 4 common reasons why someone wants to hide their money.

  • Soon to be divorce ex-spouse. While this is the most popular reason clients talk to us about hiding money it is also the most dangerous. The key here is thinking ahead. If you have already filed for divorce then it is most likely too late to protect the money. Notice we said to “protect money”. You can try and hide money all day long during divorce. However there is big risks and consequences if caught.
    • In order to “protect your money” from divorce the key is to plan ahead. The truth is most people are in a hurry to file for divorce. Unfortunately only after realize they should have protected their money and assets.
  • Lawsuit. A lawsuit can come from anyone at anytime. Many of you already know lawsuits need no proof to cause a lot of stress in your life. Frivolous lawsuits happen every day without warning. Further more you dont have to be rich, doctor, musician, or even famous for a ridiculous lawsuit to strike you.
  • Government tax avoidance. When we talk to clients about protecting their money from governments it usually means tax avoidance. However taxes are not the only reasons. The world is full of governments being overthrown and whistle blowers. These people have real danger for their lives. Thus protecting and hiding their money is life or death situation.
  • No Trust In Banks or Stock Markets. Mistrust in banks and traditional financial markets is growing at an alarming rate. Fearful individuals and companies are searching for for alternative places to protect and hide their money. Look at the current scandal with Credit Suisse leak unmasks criminals, fraudsters and corrupt politicians. Talk about putting your money in bed with the most risk possible.

5 Best Legal Ways How to Hide Money Now

All War is Based On Deception – Sun Tzu

Let us explore 5 of the best legal ways to hide and protect your money. For the most part all the below suggestions anyone is able to start right now. There is no need for special knowledge, or a lot of people involved. After all the less people know about your hidden treasure the better. Right?

1. Crypto Like A Hacker

When it comes to hiding and protecting money we have all heard about crypto in the news and from friends. The use of crypto gets easier and easier everyday. For example a Paypal account is all you need to get start with some crypto. But with main stream adaptation comes risk.

The old days of anonymous crypto are long gone. The blockchain is extremely easy to track funds if a person knows what to look for. However if you take a few extra steps you can easily hide and protect money with the use of crypto. Keeping in mind to be careful of the volatility that comes with crypto. We suggest keeping you funds in USDT or USDC to protect against market fluctuations.

2. Precious Metals

It is not necessary to have a doomsday scenario to understand the value of owning gold. For example if financial markets cease to function, holds precious metals such as platinum or copper will continue to retain their value, if not appreciate.

Precious metals make a great place to hide and protect your money. Usually easy to transfer and store in a safe, or safety deposit box. Also gold and other precious metals are very liquid and easy to sell when you need cash. For anyone looking its much more difficult to find transaction records when a person buys or sells gold as well.

3. Fabricate Debt

Fabricating debt and overpaying credit cards and loans is considered the grey area. Nevertheless we must mention this tactic since it is very effective, fast and easy way to hide money. For those of you who dont know about debit fabrication here is a very simplified version.

Let us say you are a mad, soon to be ex-wife. The fear is your cheating and gambling husband will spend all the money before the divorce starts.. You have two children to worry about, and having enough money to take care of them.

First you take out all your credit cards and promptly pay off the entire balance plus $5000 each card. Now no one can say you are hiding money, and you simply overpaid to ensure there would be no outstanding debts.

Next once the divorce is settled you have the cards with negative balances to use for all the items the kids need and this makes you double covered financially. This system also works on loan overpayments. Very justifiable to go get a loan before your divorce starts. Once you have the cash from the loan you make very large overpayments and usually this will never show up as an asset. The over payment is on the banks books as a loan, and not an asset.

However this strategy has a good chance of landing you in trouble with the courts if your spouse were to find out.

4. All Good Things Happen Offshore

We can tell you this 1000 times and it will still not be enough!

Everyone must have an offshore trust to hide and protect their money and assets. Unquestionably opening an offshore trust is the most legal effective ways to protect your money period.

Understand, use of powerful offshore asset protection trusts are completely legal. Offshore trusts offer endless options and flexibility for you. We cant stress this enough how important an offshore trust is for the safety of your money.

It’s not knowing what to do, it’s doing what you know. Tony Robbins

5. Art How to Hide Money

There is a very good reasons why the ultra rich and wealthy all own art. Hint, it is not because they like how it looks on the wall. Art is the most flexible and overlooked way to hide and protect money.

First art enjoys the unique quality of offering 100% privacy in transactions. This counts for both buyer and sellers of art. There is very few if any regulations on reporting art sales with governments or tax authorities, on a specific purchase. Extra art bonus is there is zero public record of your ownership unlike real estate or that dream yacht.

Second , art can be transported into luxury secrete freeport storage facilities for an extra layer of protection. One can also use the benefits of an offshore trust with your art acquisitions and sales. These options provide multiple layers of privacy and almost impossible options for an outsider to gain any information on your assets.

Finally art is extremely easy to transport without raising suspicion. Also art is even easier to hide in plan site. If you focus on emerging artist or lesser known artist it is very difficult for anyone to assign value to art.

Learning How to Hide Money is Easy

With a little bit of knowledge and planning in advance you can save yourself a great deal of financial headaches in the future.

Vengerick Art has years of experience helping clients protect their money and assets with art. Our services offer further protection with our partnerships. We partner with well established offshore corporate and trust lawyers, as well as luxury freeport warehouse.

We are always here to help answer your questions from our experience.

Feel free to contact us today. If you are researching how to hide money now, then today is the day you have to start protecting yourself.

Vengerick Art offers 100% no stress free consultations.

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