Foolish Economic Sanctions, 5 Quick Reasons Why They Fail

Foolish Economic Sanctions, 5 Quick Reasons Why They Fail Russia Iran North Korea Sanctioning countries often assume that foreign economic pressure will impair the target's economy and military capacity, However time and time again sanctions cause more harm than good.

Foolish Economic Sanctions, 5 Quick Reasons Why They Fail All Countries Involved.

With so much news and focus on economic sanctions. We have to ask ourselves do sanctions really work?

What is The True Objective of Economic Sanctions?

There is two distinct sides of the sanction. One of course is pro sanctions and the other of course is anti.

For the pro sanction corner, the reason is clear. International sanctions often receive praise as an instrument of choice in the foreign policy toolkit of NATO nations. While sanctions are an effective and non-violent method for persuading and disciplining “rogue states”. Thus pro-sanction forces countries to to follow the “global norms” set by the West.

In plain english, sanctions make “the people” suffer enough they force a regime change. Thus the real main goal of sanctions is regime change. Why have a war when you can force “the people”to do your dirty work for you.

Anti-sanctions believe the effectiveness to produce regime change has flaws at the very least. For example sanctions is not a new idea, its just a spin on an old philosophy. This philosophy is from Allied command during World War II. First part of this philosophy, bomb the civilian population of Germany. Second it was assumed the bombing would ruin civilians’ morale. Finally this leads to domestic demand that Berlin surrender.

Of course economic sanctions are much less horrific than bombing civilians. However sanctions can be much less effective as well. We have seen several examples of military-economic sanctions failing. In these cases the domestic population becomes more opposed to foreign powers.

The Upward Trend

As you can see in the graph below for USA sanctions of foreign countries is more like an explosion.

Honestly, everyone has lost track of total sanctions by President Biden at this point. Additionally with all the sanction against Russia the number can easily be double now. So with the trend of sanctions going straight up. They must work yes? Well maybe not.

Sanctions are blunt instruments. They often produce unintended and undesirable consequences.

Examples of questionable sanction results.

  • Venezuela
  • Cuba
  • Syria
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Russia

5 Quick Reasons Why They Fail

  1. Globalization of Economies. A perfect example is the sanctions of the US against Cuba. Very few other countries cooperated. Therefore Cuba was able to obtain resources from other countries. Contrary to the Cuba failure. The US sanctions have more success against Iran. Since a large number of key trading countries cooperate with the sanctions. However globalization of economies along with cryptocurrencies. For example make it easier for sanction countries to obtain resources they need.
  2. Cost To Own Economy. Consequently the host country often overlooks the direct cost of sanctions. I think Liz Truss has an idea what we are talking about. Furthermore the impact of sanctions against Russia are having on the rest of the world can not be ignored. From energy prices, inflation, food shortages and currency crashes. Can you say with certainty the sanctions are hurting Russia more than host countries?
  3. Greater Risk Of Conflict. When a country is backed into a corner they have two options. First they can lay down and die. Second they can fight no mater the odds. Take Pakistan for example. The US placed military sanctions against the country. Pakistan believed the only way to protect their country was to develop nuclear weapons.
  4. Strengthen Authoritarian Societies. Since economic sanctions are considered an act of war it has the opposite effect on the regime. Thus sanctions are effective for the regime to rally its people against the aggressive sanctioning country.
  5. Sanction Fatigue. Let us be honest, enforcing sanctions in todays global economy takes a lot of man power as well as time. Furthermore the emotional impact why the sanctions were imposed in the first place subside. These factors lessen impact of sanctions against Iraq, Libya, and Cuba.

Economic Sanctions Better Course Of Action

Ultimately, the economic, humanitarian, and foreign policy costs of sanctions far outweigh any benefits.

What else can be done?

Fortunately you dont have to look far. We believe 100% diplomacy is always the way! If diplomacy fails the fault is on both parties. The key is to develop and maintaining personal relationships. What are we teaching children with sanctions? Children can not solve problems on the school yard with sanctions. So why is it ok for countries to be lazy and just sanction another country when they do not like something. The lack of international diplomacy in the last three years is really shocking. It is almost becoming a disease to be diplomatic.

Furthermore before a country sanctions anyone it must be mandatory for a in-depth neutral study of the possible effects be done first. At the present time economic sanctions have become a knee jerk response in an effort to gain more votes.

The threat of pain is more effective than pain itself. the role of psychology when dealing with a bad actor can not be stressed enough. Thus this should go under diplomacy and be offered during first stages of talks. Obviously if the country regime understands the consequences. Then talking points will present them selves much sooner.

When you see the suffering and economic impact to all parties there must be greater focus and effort on diplomacy.

We must be honest with ourselves and acknowledge economic sanctions is a form of warfare…..

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

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