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Contact square study blue Albers abstract Vengerick Being able to create our own reality is one of the biggest gifts we have as humans. Vengerick has the unique perspective as an artists from the dealer, collector, and interior design side of the business. Vengerick is able to understand not only the business side of art but the design side as well. My motivation to create large abstract paintings is based on realty. The reality the viewer creates looking at my art work is completely different that my reality creating the paintings. As humans we all create our own reality based on our individual life experiences. I focus on these differences in reality creating from the viewers perspective. My art work contains three traditional elements of famous abstract artists. I take techniques from Rothko to create deep emotional feelings based on layer and color. When it comes to color I am fascinated by color theory and the illusions and tricks color can play on our minds as the viewer of art. The third technique I use is hard line geometric shapes to help define focal points and to create structure.

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