Art of Passive Income How To Make Money While You Sleep

Art of Passive Income How To Make Money While You Sleep Passive income is money generated from investments, properties or side hustles. 2 of the best ways to make money while you sleep is with crypto and art.

Art of Passive Income How To Make Money While You Sleep, Like the RICH.

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

― Warren Buffett

The goal of passive income is to generate money without daily commitment. More to the point passive income is the ability to generate money while you sleep! Thus the most effective passive income ideas generate cash flow with little to no effort on your part.

All passive income ideas require an initial investment of time, money, or effort. Once set in motion you will literally increase your income over night while you sleep.

Learn what asset class Bitcoin and Fine Art fall into.

3 Types of Passive Income Categories

We have defied 3 categories of passive income opportunities below.

1. Traditional

Traditional passive income opportunities are the most common ways people earn money while they sleep. Further these opportunities are usually more safe than other methods but offer lower income streams.

  • Stock divides, money markets, ETF, and bonds. The wealthy and smart investors take advantage of these opportunities. However the financial investment to start with these products can be out of the reach of many investors. Also the returns can be less than most hope and there is market volatility. this can lead to a loss of money.
  • Real Estate. For example buying property to rent on AirBnB is an excellent source of passive income. However this requires a large investment upfront to buy the properties. Furthermore to have to invest time for cleaning and rental tern over.

2. Content and Social

  • Social Influencer. If you have a large social following or can create unique content this can be an excellent income option. Social media influencers can generate massive amounts of passive income.Of course we all want to be paid to hang out in social media. But of course not everyone has an interesting enough life to generate the traffic to make it pay.
  • Content Creator. The best example that we know of is beat or music creation. This is a very hot market to generate passive income. If you have music skills there is several great sites to post your beats and tracks and make money while you sleep. Popular bloggers fit into this category as well.

3. Fine Art, Crypto, and NFT Passive Income

The alternative passive income category offers a great deal of opportunities. One of the most exiting parts of making money while you sleep with crypto and art is the low cost to start. For as little as $100 you can start making 20% a year doing nothing.

  • Staking Crypto and NFT. Everyday it seems another great option for you to lend a platform your crypto or NFT to make high yield returns. This is easy as it sounds. Nexo is one of the best examples of how easy and profitable anyone can have passive income.
  • Fine Art. This is not the first thing people thing of when it comes to massive investment. However when you look a little deeper at the rich and why they buy art you quickly understand the impressive performance of art. Furthermore fine art produces impressive returns as a long term passive investment. Fine art takes zero effort and also looks very nice hanging on your wall.

Vengerick Art goes one step further to help you with your passive investment goals. We offer the only exclusive buyback program to art collectors. With 125% buyback option after only 12 months not only is this one of the best passive investments its also one of the best short term investments.

Learn more about the Vengerick exclusive 125% art buyback offer today.

Author: vengerick-art

Vengerick is an American-Jewish painter, living a storied life of adventure. While life for Vengerick has not always been the easiest life. But to truly experience life one must suffer at the hands of defeat from time to time. He is a painter who excels in the use of color theory configurations and the art of transforming geometric and deep color fields.Vengerick explores the unlimited potentiality of color fields and hard line geometric shape, visual planes and volume within a two-dimensional framework. Experiencing his expansive scale deep color field paintings, wash over the viewer allowing them to be immersed in these masterful works of art from their own experiences and reality.The Vengerick collection is inspired by bold innovating abstract artists. The painting technique used are similar to Rothko and Klee.

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