5 reasons why the rich buy art Vengerick Auction House Hide Your Money

5 Reasons Why the Rich Buy art to Stay Rich

The Rich are good at staying rich and do you want to learn how art helps them? Art Provides a tax haven, Diversify investment, tax avoidance, hide your money, easy to transport internationally. designer wall art, luxury art gallery, best investment, masterworks

Author: vengerick-art

Vengerick is an American-Jewish painter, living a storied life of adventure. While life for Vengerick has not always been the easiest life. But to truly experience life one must suffer at the hands of defeat from time to time. He is a painter who excels in the use of color theory configurations and the art of transforming geometric and deep color fields.Vengerick explores the unlimited potentiality of color fields and hard line geometric shape, visual planes and volume within a two-dimensional framework. Experiencing his expansive scale deep color field paintings, wash over the viewer allowing them to be immersed in these masterful works of art from their own experiences and reality.The Vengerick collection is inspired by bold innovating abstract artists. The painting technique used are similar to Rothko and Klee.

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